Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome to the Waaagh!

Today I'll be introducing Boss Zapstrag's Waaagh! and what I've got thus far. I'll be reporting back often with new battle reports and updates to show how the Waaagh! grows and evolves.

So far, my collection consists of:

2 Warbosses (w/ Power Klaws)
10 Nobz
40 Boyz (4x Big Shootas)
4 Lootas
1 Mek
1 Killa Kan (w/ Rokkits)
6 Deffkoptas (w/ Twin-Linked Rokkits)

Soon I will be most likely adding a Battlewagon, a Painboy for my Nobz, and some more Boyz. Please subscribe if you liked, and check out the channel in a few weeks to see more Orky goodness.

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