Monday, April 13, 2009

1250 Point Battle, List...?

Well sometime this week a friend and I are planning on completing a 1250 point battle as part of our campaign that we are currently running. The round is sorta important, but there isn't anything running on it besides bragging rights, so it isn't incredibly imperative that I win. Winning is always good, however...

My friend plays Codex Marines, meaning no specific chapter or whatever (I haven't played enough to know the difference). So for my list I was going for well-armored Ork mobz in order to combat his troops' AP (6 for the Boltguns and Frag Missile Launchers I believe), and I am also going to stick Grotsnik somewhere in there so as to help me out against more powerful weapons with high rates of fire, like his Assault Cannons. And of course I've added a few Power Klaws in the list to punch through his armor. I've also added a Battlewagon to transport a unit of unarmored Boyz, more for psychological purposes rather than efficiency. I want his fire to be drawn away from my other Boyz, Nobz, etc...

His list isn't mechanized at all, sporting a Land Raider as his only vehicle. Other than that he usually plays with two Terminator squads with various equipment, a Dreadnaught, two tacticals, and a Captain or a Chapter Master. I might be forgetting something, but right now his list is pretty basic, most of his models coming from the Assault on Black Reach Boxed set (as did mine). He also has a Vanguard Veteran Assault Squad, if I'm saying that correctly, but I don't think he'll be using them because he can't fit them in (which is a shame because I hear dedicated assault squads can tear through Orks).

And so, my army list is as follows:

Mad Dok Grotsnik - 160
Warboss - 100 (PK, Boss Pole, TL Shoota, 'Eavy Armor)
Ork Boyz (19 + 1 Nob) - 170 (PK, Boss Pole, 2 Big Shootas)
'Ard Boyz (21 + 1 Nob) - 270 (PK, Boss Pole, 2 Big Shootas)
Nobz (4 + 1 Painboy) - 150 ('Eavy Armor)
Deffkoptas (4) - 200 (TL Rokkits, Cybork Bodies)
Battlewagon - 135 (4 Big Shootas, Kannon, Armor Plates, Grot Riggers)
Killa Kan - 65 (Rokkits, Armor Plates, Grot Riggers)

I've got a lot of potential fire magnets up there. What I'm hoping on doing is getting him to concentrate his fire on one unit, and, seeing as they're all decently hardy except for the 20 Boyz that'll be mounted in the Battlewagon, it's gonna take a lot of shots to bring my squads down. Meanwhile I'll try to overwhelm him by a slow advance in combination with pressure from my Deffkoptas and Killakan (I'm going to rely on the Rokkits to take down his standard tactical units, trying to deny cover saves so if I hit I'll kill them on a 2+). This pressure will hopefully cause him to target the Deffkoptas and Killakan, and hopefully he just won't have enough shots to take them and the Boyz down, who won't have suffered any crippling casualties. The Battlewagon is just kind of insurance, hopefully drawing fire from his heavier weapons with its 14 front armor. If it doesn't draw any fire or doesn't die, I'll use it to flank and unload with the Boyz, assaulting and putting pressure on one side while the rest of my force moves up.

I guess it's a decent plan as far as plans go. I kinda wish I had more Boyz, but I don't, so yeah... I like the 'Ard Boyz though because I hate it when my Boyz have to run between cover and are denied a cover save and I subsequently lose half the squad or more in one shooting phase. I'm banking on my higher armor saves combined with Feel No Pain will be on my side in this fight, and I guess we'll see how it goes.

I'm still learning the whole Ork thing, and the whole Warhammer 40k thing, so any advice in regard to my list or my blog would be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading!


  1. Bolters are AP 5 but yes Frag missles are AP 6, just thought I'd point that out, looks like a decent list and you'll kind of want them to shoot at you're nobz as feel no pain is nasty, epsecially on models with two wounds

  2. I'm counting on between my Nobz and my 'Ard Boyz (with Grotsnik), I'll be able to soak up enough firepower to allow for my Deffkoptas or Battlewagon to flank and the like. The match should be this Thursday, I'll try to get a video going or at least take some pictures. Thanks for the comment.