Sunday, April 26, 2009

Orks vs Imperial Guard, 750 Point Video Battle Report

I guess I'll let the video do most of the talking, but I'll go ahead and reiterate the facts that matter. The game type we played was called Seize Ground, in which we fought for control over 3 objectives. The deployment setup was Pitched, meaning our forces were deployed along opposite table edges. It was a relatively small battle, 750 points to be exact, but was pretty intense and we both had a good time.

The battle did present us with an interesting question: can infantry units disembarking from a transport still make a run move? I know they can still shoot (counting as moving) and since running takes place during the shooting phase, then my running of the Boyz inside of the Battlewagon should be legal, right? It didn't really change a whole lot, but it'd be good to know in case I have to do it again and it becomes questioned.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orks vs Space Marines, 1250 Points, Mini Report

For my lack of detailed pictures and videos, I'll call this report a "mini" report. That being said, I'll go ahead and get started...

My army list...

Mad Dok Grotsnik - 160
Warboss - 100 (PK, Boss Pole, TL Shoota, 'Eavy Armor)
Ork Boyz (19 + 1 Nob) - 170 (PK, Boss Pole, 2 Big Shootas)
'Ard Boyz (21 + 1 Nob) - 270 (PK, Boss Pole, 2 Big Shootas)
Nobz (4 + 1 Painboy) - 150 ('Eavy Armor)
Deffkoptas (4) - 200 (TL Rokkits, Cybork Bodies)
Battlewagon - 135 (4 Big Shootas, Kannon, Armor Plates, Grot Riggers)
Killa Kan - 65 (Rokkits, Armor Plates, Grot Riggers)

My opponent's list... (I can't recall all the equipment)

20 Tactical Marines
10 Terminators
1 Land Raider Crusader
1 Chapter Master
1 Dreadnought

We set up on a pretty open map, with a few terrain pieces scattered throughout. The next picture will show you the general setup of the map and the deployment of the pieces, but it's important to note that this is the bottom of turn 1, after my half of the turn.

We played Capture and Control (2 objectives, whoever controls the most wins) with a Pitched Battle deployment (long table edges, 12" deployment). He won deployment roll but had me choose deployment zone first, deploy first, and take the first turn. Above you'll notice my deployment. I loaded up my 'Ard Boyz with Grotsnik to take out his objective and sweep around through his right flank. Because Grotsnik's special rules prevent him from sitting on an objective, I was planning on using either my Warboss's Nobz mob (counting as a troops choice due to the Boss's special rule) or my Battlewagon with 20 Boyz to secure an objective for myself. My Deffkoptas and Battlewagon took the right flank, primarily to be used for harassment.

My opponent set up with split tactical squads, 15 Space Marines and the Chapter Master setting up on the right flank guarding the objective. The 10 Terminators set up in the middle of his deployment zone, his Dreadnought set up in between these two groups. The last 5 tactical models were set up in cover towards the back of his zone. And finally, his Land Raider took up a position near the objective.

Turn 1...

I went first, moving everything up, and running all of my Boyz and my Nobz mob, as well as my Kan. The Battlewagon moved 12", my Deffkoptas moved up and fired on his Dreadnought, scoring two penatratings and rolling a six, blowing up the Dread. Funnier still, I scored 3 rolls to wound on his Tactical Squad, and 1 on his Terminator Squad. None of the Tactical units died, but, miraculously, the explosion from his Dreadnought (Str 3, mind you) killed a Terminator. During his turn my opponent called down his Orbital Bombardment on my 'Ard Boyz, but it scattered and only took out 6. I got kinda nervous... Other than that he put out a lot of fire but didn't kill a whole lot. He did wound a Nob or two, however.

Turn 2...

I've got a picture to accompany this turn...

My units all moved up again. My Battlewagon advanced but I forgot to disembark my Boyz (I'll regret that). My Koptas moved up as well but their LoS to his Tactical Squad was blocked by my Wagon (another mistake). Grotsnik's mob assaulted and dominated, but his unit broke away and regrouped the next turn. My Kan assaulted the Land Raider but did nothing... My Boss's mob assaulted and killed a Terminator squad, but took some heavy losses. During his phase he shot at my Battlewagon with a Hunter Killer missile from his Land Raider, killed it, and then fired a multi-melta at my Kan and missed. My embarked Boyz got caught in the explosion, and around half their squad died. The Terminator squad proceeded to mop these Boyz up. A bit of firing at Grotsnik's mob softened it up a little, but nothing catastrophic happened.

Turn 3...

Two pictures this time (w00t).

For this turn I advanced some more, Grotsnik moved up further and took out a 5 man group of tacticals, then sat around until his mob got assualted by the Marines on the objective. After losing a few 'Ard Boyz and a wound on Grotsnik and the Nob, my Boyz pulled through and beat the Marines, forcing them to retreat and regroup. My Warboss's group moved towards the objective, my Koptas did a bit of firing on a Tactical Squad, and my Killakan assaulted and destroyed the Land Raider.

Turn 4...

Grotsnik moved up again to re-engage the retreating Marines, and proceeded to annihilate one of the groups (there were two groups left, each with like 2 or 3 Marines). The Deffkoptas got into an assault with the Terminators, and lost all but 1 Kopta. My Kan moved forward, and the Boss got closer to the Objective. His units didn't do a whole lot, they fired into my 'Ard Boyz and his Terminators assaulted my Koptas. That's about it...

Turn 5...

Grotsnik finished off the Marines, my Boss took the objective (with the Nobz counting as a troops choice), and my Kopta died... The Marines didn't do much, as there were only 5 Terminators left, and they were pretty far away thanks to the Koptas. The game ended on Turn 5 with an Ork victory. I completely ignored my own objective hoping that I could overpower his, and it could have gone much worse for myself.


What I think won the match for me was drawing his Terminators away from the objective. If they had been there they could have eaten through the 'Ard Boyz, and would have dealt with the Kan pretty easily as well. The only squad I had to deal with the Terminators was my Boss's squad, and it had to take heavy losses to finish off 5 Terminators. I was planning on using my Battlewagon Boyz to take out a squad of Termies as well, but, you know how that went... I could've done much better had I not been so careless with the Wagon, but I'm glad the way my Koptas and the Wagon drew away his Terminators.

Monday, April 13, 2009

1250 Point Battle, List...?

Well sometime this week a friend and I are planning on completing a 1250 point battle as part of our campaign that we are currently running. The round is sorta important, but there isn't anything running on it besides bragging rights, so it isn't incredibly imperative that I win. Winning is always good, however...

My friend plays Codex Marines, meaning no specific chapter or whatever (I haven't played enough to know the difference). So for my list I was going for well-armored Ork mobz in order to combat his troops' AP (6 for the Boltguns and Frag Missile Launchers I believe), and I am also going to stick Grotsnik somewhere in there so as to help me out against more powerful weapons with high rates of fire, like his Assault Cannons. And of course I've added a few Power Klaws in the list to punch through his armor. I've also added a Battlewagon to transport a unit of unarmored Boyz, more for psychological purposes rather than efficiency. I want his fire to be drawn away from my other Boyz, Nobz, etc...

His list isn't mechanized at all, sporting a Land Raider as his only vehicle. Other than that he usually plays with two Terminator squads with various equipment, a Dreadnaught, two tacticals, and a Captain or a Chapter Master. I might be forgetting something, but right now his list is pretty basic, most of his models coming from the Assault on Black Reach Boxed set (as did mine). He also has a Vanguard Veteran Assault Squad, if I'm saying that correctly, but I don't think he'll be using them because he can't fit them in (which is a shame because I hear dedicated assault squads can tear through Orks).

And so, my army list is as follows:

Mad Dok Grotsnik - 160
Warboss - 100 (PK, Boss Pole, TL Shoota, 'Eavy Armor)
Ork Boyz (19 + 1 Nob) - 170 (PK, Boss Pole, 2 Big Shootas)
'Ard Boyz (21 + 1 Nob) - 270 (PK, Boss Pole, 2 Big Shootas)
Nobz (4 + 1 Painboy) - 150 ('Eavy Armor)
Deffkoptas (4) - 200 (TL Rokkits, Cybork Bodies)
Battlewagon - 135 (4 Big Shootas, Kannon, Armor Plates, Grot Riggers)
Killa Kan - 65 (Rokkits, Armor Plates, Grot Riggers)

I've got a lot of potential fire magnets up there. What I'm hoping on doing is getting him to concentrate his fire on one unit, and, seeing as they're all decently hardy except for the 20 Boyz that'll be mounted in the Battlewagon, it's gonna take a lot of shots to bring my squads down. Meanwhile I'll try to overwhelm him by a slow advance in combination with pressure from my Deffkoptas and Killakan (I'm going to rely on the Rokkits to take down his standard tactical units, trying to deny cover saves so if I hit I'll kill them on a 2+). This pressure will hopefully cause him to target the Deffkoptas and Killakan, and hopefully he just won't have enough shots to take them and the Boyz down, who won't have suffered any crippling casualties. The Battlewagon is just kind of insurance, hopefully drawing fire from his heavier weapons with its 14 front armor. If it doesn't draw any fire or doesn't die, I'll use it to flank and unload with the Boyz, assaulting and putting pressure on one side while the rest of my force moves up.

I guess it's a decent plan as far as plans go. I kinda wish I had more Boyz, but I don't, so yeah... I like the 'Ard Boyz though because I hate it when my Boyz have to run between cover and are denied a cover save and I subsequently lose half the squad or more in one shooting phase. I'm banking on my higher armor saves combined with Feel No Pain will be on my side in this fight, and I guess we'll see how it goes.

I'm still learning the whole Ork thing, and the whole Warhammer 40k thing, so any advice in regard to my list or my blog would be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Grotsnik Nearing Completion

So I've been working on Grotsnik the past few days, among other things. I haven't been devoting a lot of time to him, just painting a little bit here and there, spending no more than about half an hour per day on him. But now I'm finally nearing completion, with just a few more touch-ups to do before I declare Grotsnik battle ready.

I've included some pictures as well for you to peruse over. Comments are welcome, but please if you're going to give me some advice, don't be a jerk about it. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated. I'm not the worst painter around, but I've still got a lot to learn, so cut me some slack right?

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Battlewagon & Mad Dok Grotsnik

Thought I'd get a quick video in while I have the time. In this feature I'll be showing two new units that I purchased last weekend: the Battlewagon and Mad Dok Grotsnik. There isn't a whole lot going on in the video, just updating the blog and vlog, etc...

The Battlewagon is pretty cool, I like the model a lot. My only current complaint is that it feels a little on the small side, its width being much smaller than that of a Land Raider. I'm enjoying painting Grotsnik's model, the Cybork body on him is very cool and well molded. I'll see if I can upload some pictures of both when they're completed.

It's been a relatively short video and short read, but I should be getting some lengthier stuff done soon. Thanks for watching, and come back soon!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome to the Waaagh!

Today I'll be introducing Boss Zapstrag's Waaagh! and what I've got thus far. I'll be reporting back often with new battle reports and updates to show how the Waaagh! grows and evolves.

So far, my collection consists of:

2 Warbosses (w/ Power Klaws)
10 Nobz
40 Boyz (4x Big Shootas)
4 Lootas
1 Mek
1 Killa Kan (w/ Rokkits)
6 Deffkoptas (w/ Twin-Linked Rokkits)

Soon I will be most likely adding a Battlewagon, a Painboy for my Nobz, and some more Boyz. Please subscribe if you liked, and check out the channel in a few weeks to see more Orky goodness.