Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update - Stormboyz

Well, today I ordered 5 more Stormboyz to finish my squad off at 10 Stormboyz. I might get 5 more eventually if I'm "feeling it," but for now I'll settle for ten, because these boyz are expensive. Additionally, I've ordered Boss Zagstruck (I think that's his name), the leader of Da Vulcha Boyz. I'm hoping he'll round of my Stormboyz squad nicely.

I got in a game against 'Nids over the weekend, but unfortunately not only did I lose but I also didn't get any pictures... I learned a few things though, mainly not to get bottle necked between two pieces of terrain. The way the map was set up this became an easy trap to fall into, but I think it may have cost me the game. Basically, our units were funneling into the bottle neck and it started to become a game of chance, with the odds heavily stacked in the Tyranids' favor due to their two broods of Stealers. I took down both broods but all that was left was my Battlewagon. I forfeited at this point (turn 5), thinking it sorta pointless to try and stand up to or take down two squads of Warriors and a Carnifex with a transport.

I used my Stormboyz as well as my Deffkoptaz to maneuver around the terrain, but one of my worst rolls ever cost me my Stormboyz (out of all 20 something of their attacks I hit one, all the rest of the dice came up as 1's and 2's), and my Deffkoptas did well until his leaping Warriors took them down.

I'll be sure to consider that when deploying my forces next time.

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  1. You can never go wrong with a group of stormboyz w/boss Zaggy. Yes, he is expensive point wise but having 5 WS 5 Str 9 power claw attacks at normal init. when charging is ded 'ard killy. He rips right through infantry as well as tanks with the greatest of ease. You also have to be willing to sacrifice a few of the lads too if you want to charge out of deep strike. Still, given the volatile nature of Ork jump packs you knew what you were getting into when you bought em in the first place ;)

    Anyhoo, best of luck to you and please post us some pics when you can. The customization that you can do with just the stock sprues are amazing. I love to see what other people come up with.