Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ork Boyz Mob Completed

In this vlog I discuss my newly completed Ork Boyz Mob. I completed them a while back but just now got around to recording a video.

Included below are also some pictures taken of the Mob. The quality is obviously better than the video, but still not the best, so I'd ask that you be aware of that before making any major criticisms. Other than that, however, I'd enjoy hearing from any readers or viewers out there. Let me know how the Boyz look, and I'd also appreciate any tips you can offer. I still consider myself to be a novice painter as I'm familiar with very few techniques, but am always willing to learn.

Thanks for watching, and be sure to subscribe for more battle reports and updates. I'll also be creating some Ork Tactics videos eventually, but I'd like to get some more gaming in so at least I'll know my stuff, as they say.

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